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        Introduction Sodium Thiocyanate Product

        The product is developed by Tai'an environmental protection science and 
        technology limited company "fourth generation: crystalline 
        transformation" process of catalytic decolorization, to extract the HPF 
        desulfurization wastewater in coking plant of high pure ammonium 
        thiocyanate (96%-98%) as raw material, through the "alkali 
        transformation", "separation of ammonia removal", "decoloration 
        refining", "evaporation concentration", "crystallization", "dry 
        packaging" steps producing sodium thiocyanate (98%-99%).

        Product Quality Standards
        Content Standard 99% Solid
        % Fe, Q 0.0002
        % Water insoluble matter , Q 0.005
        % Moisture , Q 0.5
        % Chloride , Q 0.04
        % Sulfate , Q 0.04
        % Heavy metal (Ba), Q 0.01
        PH 6-8

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